Operations Simplified

Custom Ordering System & Analytics

Seamlessly view and manage inventory and track sales analytics

Revolutionizing Restaurant & Hospitality Operations

YBC Plus™ is committed to revolutionizing multi-operator food service operations. Our customized solutions are meticulously tailored to your business needs. Through our dedicated 24/7 ordering portal, you and your franchisees can seamlessly manage inventory ordering and track shipments in real time. We establish a live source for inventory ordering, ensuring streamlined operations, rapid shipping, and the maintenance of optimal stock levels. Gain access to comprehensive sales metrics for informed decision-making, and eliminate inventory discrepancies with our real-time updates. Experience time-saving, profit-maximizing, and customer-satisfying operations with YBC Plus™.

Custom Ordering Portals & Analytics Dashboard

Obtain a customized ordering portal and analytics dashboard precisely tailored to your business requirements. Benefit from comprehensive inventory management, consumption tracking, and a centralized online ordering system for all your franchises. Take your business performance to new heights today!

Inventory Management

With all products stored in our warehouses, we provide real-time inventory tracking. These updates are seamlessly integrated into your ordering platform, ensuring continuous insights for timely restocking decisions. Count on our committed team to send email reminders, guaranteeing you never miss a reorder deadline.

Centralized Online Ordering

Streamline the ordering process and communication among franchisees with a tailored online platform. Franchisees can easily log in, select items, proceed to checkout, and expect swift delivery through our rapid shipping services. Additionally, integrate a graphic or promotional banner in your portal for everyone to stay updated.

Real Time Sales Analytics

With a personalized system, YBC Plus™ offers an intuitive dashboard that provides instant access to real-time data for each location. Effortlessly monitor trends, track inventory consumption, and analyze custom demographics and more, empowering insightful decision-making and strategic planning in real-time.

Easily Track Consumption

As a franchisor, you’ll be able to oversee inventory consumption at individual locations, ensuring transparent insights for owners. This feature enables the tracking of trends and rapid identification of underperforming stores, facilitating prompt interventions and informed decision-making.

Inventory Authority & Brand Management

Within the ordering portals, franchisors wield full control over product selection, meticulously approving all items during the sourcing phase. No product becomes accessible to the franchisee without prior approval, streamlining inventory management and guaranteeing brand uniformity. This meticulous process ensures a cohesive brand experience and consistent quality standards across all locations.

Centralized Online Ordering

Our online ordering portals serve as a centralized, user-friendly platform for your franchisees to order approved supplies and other inventory. With easy access and intuitive navigation, franchisees can efficiently add products to their cart, manage quantities, and effortlessly complete transactions and track their orders.

The centralized nature ensures a unified approach to ordering, making it convenient for franchisees to manage their inventory needs efficiently in one location. This streamlines the entire ordering process, enhancing operational efficiency and promoting a seamless experience for all users.

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