Overseeing a food service franchise operation can resemble a challenging balancing act. Managing numerous locations while maintaining brand integrity can become daunting as the business grows. But what if a streamlined solution was within reach?

Efficient management of multiple locations is crucial for the success of food service franchising. As your franchise grows, it becomes challenging to manage each location equally. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Partnering with a company with the necessary tools and experience is essential to help you achieve operational efficiency across all locations. But it’s important to note that not all companies are created equal, and choosing a partner who understands your business requirements is vital. They should be capable of creating a customized program tailored to your business needs, including administrative tools, analytics, store-level ordering, invoicing, product procurement, and manufacturing. Additionally, they should ensure equal and reliable distribution across all locations.

The YBC Plus™ program provides a solution. YBC Plus™ is a manufacturing and distribution program dedicated to ensuring medium-sized food service franchises thrive through consistent branded inventory, operational solutions, and performance technology. We aim to explore the common obstacles franchisors face and explain how an alliance with an external program like YBC Plus™ can save your business time, effort, and money. We will also identify the indicators that it may be time to partner with a distribution company like YBC Plus™, setting a solid foundation for a stronger, more profitable future for your franchise.

Warehousing and Distribution

Managing inventory and warehousing is critical to running franchise operations. Maintaining an efficient and well-organized warehousing process becomes crucial as your franchise expands. Individual stores need to be able to order what they need and get their products as soon as possible. Purchasing higher minimums saves money, but where do you put it?

  • Inventory Management Challenges: As your business brings in more SKUs, it becomes difficult to manage inventory levels, track stock movements, and minimize discrepancies. Partnering with a distribution company that can do this for you by ensuring correct cycle counts, following a first-in-first-out model, and ensuring orders are shipped accurately and on time is essential for franchise growth.

In a recent QSR article, Brianna Keefe, CEO and founder of Toastique, discusses this, “YBC Plus stays on top of our inventory to make sure that there are no gaps in products that we need. It always stocks what we need, and it’s very flexible.”

  • Curbing Order Fulfillment Delays: Expanding a franchise into new geographical locations can be challenging, especially when finding a reliable company that can provide the same level of service and consistently branded items to all locations—in return, causing delays in receiving orders, impacting your brand identity.
A warehouse full of pallets of boxes.

However, YBC Plus™’s model is specifically designed to address these challenges; with their centralized distribution model and in-house warehousing, YBC Plus™ can efficiently ship brand-approved products to all locations with enhanced speed and accuracy, ensuring consistent quality across all locations.

In a case study done in 2023, YBC Plus™ was able to revolutionize its customer, Kale Me Crazy’s distribution, achieving unprecedented efficiency. The outcome was a staggering 95% reduction on average in shipping wait times compared to their former practices.

Inventory Procurement

Suppose your business is starting to find it challenging to source products and keep costs down while juggling multiple suppliers. In that case, it might be time to consider joining an all-in-one service program to gain a competitive advantage through lower supply costs.

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  • Boost Profit Margins: Partnering with a company that has connections to multiple suppliers and manufacturers can help boost your franchise’s profit margins. This partnership could save costs in various areas, including logistics, transportation, and labor. You can avoid the high costs of tackling these tasks in-house by choosing this option, keeping your franchise competitive.
  • Focus on Core Competencies: By outsourcing operational tasks related to procurement and pricing negotiations, franchisors can redirect their focus to core competencies like marketing, customer service, franchise development, and business strategy.

Uniform Branding Company-wide

Custom Branded Products

Maintaining a consistent brand image across all franchise locations is vital for building customer trust and loyalty. As your franchise expands, ensuring each location upholds the brand’s values, messaging, and visual identity becomes challenging. An operations management company will implement strategies to maintain brand integrity.

  • Consistent Customer Experiences: If customers encounter varying experiences at different locations, it may diminish overall brand value. Working with a supply partner like YBC Plus™ ensures all branded products meet the highest brand guidelines without stretching the budget.
  • Pre-Approved Products For Franchisees: Supplying your franchisees with a custom ordering platform allows you to enforce consistent branding guidelines with corporate-approved products.

Advanced Technology For Expansion

Integrating technology capable of seamlessly handling daily operations forms the cornerstone of expanding your franchise. However, initiating this pivotal transformation may seem overwhelming. While custom technology might initially seem daunting and expensive, the truth often reveals a different story. Partnering with a company that excels in the food service and hospitality sector to develop a tailored program for your needs can dramatically transform your business.

  • Optimize Flexibility with Multi-Unit Management: As locations expand into different regions and bring on various franchisors, it is necessary to have efficient tools for ordering, communication, and shipping. YBC Plus™ offers an Ops Hub technology platform that includes order analytics, administrative tools, and a 24/7 online ordering portal. One of the businesses benefiting from YBC Plus™ is Parlor Doughnuts, which currently has 67 stores across 17 states. With YBC Plus™, Parlor Doughnuts has a dedicated Ops Hub specifically designed with their business in mind. Upper management, franchisees, and store managers can handle administrative tasks, approve orders for brand-approved products, track shipments, and take advantage of on-demand shipping—all under one centralized, user-friendly platform accessible to all locations 24/7 without gaps in service, ever!
  • Simplified Order Management with 24/7 Order Platform: Expanding into different regions can be challenging when it comes to handling orders for all locations. However, with the Ops Hub by YBC Plus™, all locations, regardless of their state, can manage orders and track shipments with ease. This ensures accurate and timely deliveries, giving you peace of mind.
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  • Build Stronger Relationships with a Dedicated Account Manager: As your enterprise flourishes, partner with someone who cares as much about your business as you do. YBC Plus™ provides a dedicated account manager ready to assist with order management, training, or any other need with reliable communication and service.

Partnering with a distribution company can be a great strategic move to improve your business operations. If you recognize any of the signs discussed in this article, then it’s time to make informed decisions about seeking the expertise of an operations management company.

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How YBC Plus Can Help with Your Franchise Operations

YBC Plus™ is a warehousing, sourcing, and inventory management program designed for restaurant and hospitality franchises. They are committed to growing your business by providing comprehensive distribution solutions at affordable prices that will keep you ahead of your competitors. With YBC Plus™, you can avoid searching for warehousing space or sourcing costly products from unreliable partners. They aim to be your lifelong operations partner, supplying your business with growth solutions to keep it moving forward.

For over 15 years, YBC Plus™ has been helping food and beverage companies including coffee shops, cafes, doughnut shops, fast-casual establishments, and more. They have a deep understanding of the industry and know what it takes to help your business grow. If you want to partner with a company that values your business, schedule a free consultation with YBC Plus™ to determine if they are the right fit for you.